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  • Docs, pages plugin is rewritten in TypeScript
  • Docs improvements and tweaks
    • Improved metadata which results in smaller bundle size.
    • Docs sidebar can now be more than one level deep, theoretically up to infinity
    • Collapsible docs sidebar!
    • Make doc page title larger
    • Add editUrl option (URL for editing) to docs plugin. If this field is set, there will be an "Edit this page" link for each doc page. Example: ''
    • Add showLastUpdateTime and showLastUpdateAuthor options to docs plugin to further achieve v1 parity of showing last update data for a particular doc
  • Slight tweaks to the Blog components - blog title is larger now
  • Code Blocks
    • Change default theme from Night Owl to Palenight
    • Slight tweaks to playground/preview components
  • Add scripts and stylesheets field to docusaurus.config.js
  • More documentation...