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  • Further reduce memory usage to avoid heap memory allocation failure.
  • Fix keywords frontmatter for SEO not working properly.
  • Fix swizzle command not passing context properly to theme packages.
  • Add extendCli api for plugins. This will allow plugin to further extend Docusaurus CLI.
  • Fix swizzle command not being able to swizzle single js file.
  • Fix logo URL in footer to be appended with baseUrl automatically.
  • Add the option --no-open for start command.
  • Set @babel/env useBuiltins to usage. This will automatically use browserlist and import polyfills required.
  • Modified TerserWebpackPlugin terserOptions for better cross-browser compatibility.
  • BREAKING withBaseUrl is renamed to useBaseUrl because its a React Hooks. Make sure you import/rename it correctly. Eg: import useBaseUrl from '@docusaurus/useBaseUrl;
  • Fix potential security vulnerability because we're exposing the directory structure of the host machine.
  • Upgrade dependencies.